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Ashley Brooks (Model)
Model #: 809431
				Name: Ashley Brooks
				Added: 03/18/13
				Total Views: 530Added:   03/18/13 Hey y'all! Name is Ashley Brooks...the Ashley Brooks haha. Thats what everyone calles me... i'm 27, i'm a firework, I am also a gemini, watch out! Im down-to-earth. Love normal things and love being very professional. Im a singer/songwriter and freelan...
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Brittany Brown (Model)
Model #: Brittany
				Name: Brittany Brown
				Added: 02/22/13
				Total Views: 557Added:   02/22/13 Hello, my name is Brittany Rachelle and I am a full-time student studying for my Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy Degree. I am also a model with Heyman Talent and Modeling and Media3world. I am very outgoing and friendly and love people!!...
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Jerome Almon (Agent/Manager)
Agent/Manager #: almon
				Name: jerome almon
				Added: 10/19/12
				Total Views: 379Added:   10/19/12 Successful agency and production company having place models on TMZ,Rolling Stone, E!, FHM, ABC, CBS, FOX, XXL, Cosmo,Elle, Playboy,etc...
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on the runway
Michelle Tucker Fashion Week Tampa Bay celebrates the fashion scene in The Bay Area with an annual event that showcases Tampa Bay's unique style. This event brings talented fashion and accessories designers to The Bay Area to showcase their work for local and national retail buyers, boutique owners and consumers. This year's event runs from September 20th through the 24th. Visit their Website for all the details!

photographer spotlight
Richard Brown Photography!

Richard Brown is a long time professional photographer with over 20+ years as a director of photography and has a studio with equipment and facilities that would make any photographer envious. His skills go way beyond that of photography, with over 20 years of prepress experience and Pantone certified prepress proofing, making every image the vision of perfection..

Mandarich Photography of Scottsdale, Arizona is a husband and wife team that has done some terrific work in advertorial, commercial and glamour photography.

Onyx Photography of Ft. Lauderdale takes photography to the next level, creating very artistic images with his photographs. His work is truly off the charts.

GW Burns of St. Louis is another photographer that creates some eye poppin' images from his photographs with models like Desiree Starr, Whitney Rose and many other beautiful models.

Andy Mcfarland of Amaginations Photography in Daytona Beach is probably one of the best swimwear photographers in the business. In fact you can see his work in the 2008 American Model Swimwear calendar.

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Model #: 504575
Name: Andrea Dover
Added: 08/09/2005
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Photographer #: 806561
Name: Richard Brown
Added: 06/22/2007
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Name: Shelly Justice
Added: 10/20/2007
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Model #: 809431
Name: Ashley Brooks
Added: 03/18/2013
Total Views: 530
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